Miniature Dachshunds

Miniature DachshundIf you want or need a new friend, with a miniature dachshund is perfect. They are not only cute and fiercely loyal, but also pocket sized! This so-called hot dog never gets to more than 11 pounds, but it is a very loyal and easy to train companion for your adventures and such.

This dog was originally bred in Germany, as you are able to guess by the name. They were originally used as hunting dogs, what with their voracious appetite for providing for their master and uncanny talent at wriggling their way into confined places. However, a practice used to create their small size, mixing them with other, small species, which was discontinued in 1910, bred most of the hunting prowess out of them. These days, however, any miniature dachshund you can find was the product of selectively interbreeding the species.

While it is more common to see this breed in a red shade than anything, they actually come in many different colors.One thing is for certain, though your dog may be of any shade of the rainbow, there is no mistaking the short stature and lengthy body of this creature.

While these independent and high spirited animals make the perfect companion, you should be aware that due to their small size, they often suffer from Intervertebral Disc Disease, an illness that can lead to paralysis of their lower half and a series of embarrassing accidents. The disease does not show up until the miniature dachshund is 3 years old or so, but there is plenty of time to really enjoy your dog’s happiness and friendliness. They often live to 12 or 14 years old.

Whether you refer to their ilk as ‘hot dog dogs’ ‘sausage dogs’ or something else imaginative, there is no mistaking the intelligence and independence of this creature. They are very devoted to their family and will raise the alarm when a stranger begins to intrude, but after a short introduction period, they are calm and willing to accept any friend you might happen to put their way.

Because these animals are so intelligent, it will require a bit of patience and maturity to succeed in training them. They are very smart, which means they will not fall for many tricks you normally see in dog training, and very loyal, so their love and desire to protect you may get in the way of whatever you want them to learn. However, if the miniature dachshund is the dog for your family, it is easy to overlook this.

If you do decide to go with they dachshund, just be aware that they come in 3 different coat types.Whether you want a smooth-haired dachshund in red or a wire-haired one in cream, the temperament will be roughly the same, so be sure you can give it lots of your time and love in order to get the perfect companion you have always wanted.

Because miniature dachshunds are so low to the ground but also highly muscled, this makes their hunting instincts work really well and makes them very cute to boot.The name comes from the German words for ‘badger’ and ‘dog’ and while they don’t look much like badgers, that was their preferred prey when they were used primarily as hunting dogs. Because of their short legs, they can more easily find a way into holes that woodland creatures find safe and cozy for their homes.

To summarize, there are many reasons you should consider adding a tiny dachshund to your family. They come in many different coats and color combos, meaning you can find one exactly to your liking, but they are also very intelligent and independent, with a capacity for thinking their way around problems that is very impressive.

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