Everything You Need to Know About Dapple Dachshunds

Dapple DachshundDapple dachshunds are highly sought after among dachshund enthusiasts due to their unique and adorable colors and markings. They have a rich history that goes back centuries, and they can be loving and playful companions. Due to their unusual genetics, there are some unique considerations to take into mind when purchasing or breeding this type of dog. Here’s everything you need to know about dachshunds with dappled coats.

What Is a Dapple Dachshund?

Dachshunds are known for having a wide range of colors and patterns, and dappling is one of the patterns that is somewhat unusual among dachshunds. People commonly calling dappling “spots,” but it is actually different from the spots like those found on Dalmations. Unlike typical dog spots that just occur in a single color, dappling causes a wide range of shades among one or more colors. For example, a black dog with dappling will have a gentle blending of white, light grey, grey, dark grey, and black spots that give it a marbled appearance. It looks like slashes or swirls of colors mixed together. Dappling can occur among smooth coat, long haired, and wire haired dachshunds, though it is most common among longhaired.

The History of Dachshunds With Dappling

Dachshunds trace their origins back to the badger dogs used in the 1700s to chase small prey into dens. They were beloved for their small, yet powerful bodies and loyal temperament. Dapples have been around since breeders first began focusing on dachshund breeding. People appreciated the beautiful patterns of dappling, and it also allowed hunting dogs to blend into nature more easily. By 1879, dapple dachshunds were a favorite variant of the breed in the United States.

Common Dapple Patterns

There are many different types of dappling. It can occur all over a coat or happen in patches. Even a single small patch of dappling on an otherwise solid dachshund is enough to let a dachshund qualify as a dapple. Dappling can occur in a single color, causing the dachshund to have a blend of darker and lighter colors in the same shade. It can also have multiple colors mixed together. The most prevalent types of dapples are Solid Red, Black and Tan, or Chocolate and Tan. Double dapple is a type of dachshund that has two dapple parents, and it causes distinctive white patches. Dappling may also affect the eyes, so a dachshund with dappling can have one blue and one brown eye, or a brown eye with a blue speckle.

Breeding a Dapple Dachshund

Dappling is caused by a certain type of gene that dilute pigmentation and coloration. When a dog just gets one copy of the dappling gene, its coat gets the signature dapple markings. However, if a dog gets two copies of this gene, the genes can cross to create some problematic mutations. Having two dapples breed can create puppies with hearing loss, eyesight loss, absent eyes, absent ears, or even death. Even if a puppy appears healthy, it may suffer from issues later in life. Due to the many difficulties associated with double dapples, ethical breeders will not create this mix. To discourage double dapples from being created intentionally, the Kennel Club and the Dachshund Breed Council will not allow double dapples to be registered as pedigree dogs at all.

Health and Care Requirements for Dapple Dachshunds

Dachshunds with dappling are adorable, but they do have some specific health requirements. Like all other types of dachshunds, dapples are prone to back injuries. You should try to discourage jumping and let your dachshund regularly exercise on a level surface. Carefully measure your pets food to avoid causing obesity issues that can further harm the back. If you have a long haired dapple, make sure to groom their fur regularly to prevent tangles. The light patches of dappling make your dog more susceptible to sunburn, so you will need to avoid keeping them in bright sun for too long. If you do own a double-dapple, which can typically be identified by white patches and blue eyes, you will need to pay extra attention to their eye and ear health. Frequent checkups can identify issues before they become serious.

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