Essential Facts About the Wire Haired Dachshund

Wire Haired DachshundThe wire haired dachshund is a likable dog, featuring bushy eyebrows and a beard, as well as a thickly-haired tail that tapers to a point. The most common colors for this kind of dachshund are various shades of red, wild boar, and black and tan.

Many experts are of the opinion that this kind of dachshund was officially bred from crossing the smooth haired dachshund with the German wire haired pinscher, schnauzer, or Dandie Dinmont Terrier. This variety of dachshund was not seen in high numbers in the United States until approximately 1940 when the breed was imported from Europe. This type of dog shows characteristics of both the terrier and the hound, making it an energetic, faithful family pet.

Wire haired dachshunds have a double coat, with coarse fur on top and a soft, short undercoat. Such dogs do not shed very much, which makes them great indoor pets. However, they do require proper grooming to ensure that their inner coat sheds approximately twice each year. Many individuals who own this type of dog prefer to have them groomed at a professional pet grooming establishment, although this task can certainly be performed by the pet owner as well.

Wire Haired Dachshund Not a Good Loner Dog

Dachshunds of this kind prefer to be with people, and typically bond to one member of a family. This person is usually the one with which the dog spends the majority of his or her time. However, they are generally friendly to all family members, although they have a tendency to cling to the individual with whom they interact with the most. Such dogs generally want to be in on the action from the time they are puppies until they are full grown. Additionally, they are not good loners, and if they must spend a lengthy amount of time without the company of people, they may exhibit a mischievous streak out of frustration and boredom. They may even become destructive if left alone for too long.

Personality Differences

Some distinct personality differences exist between the wire haired breed and the traditional dachshund. Wire haired breed’s are known for their extroverted personalities, and enjoy clowning around and performing for their owners. However, they are also more headstrong than the dogs that belong to the original dachshund breed. For most pet owners, this simply means that the dog requires a higher level of formal training, but typically a firm voice is all that is necessary for correcting the dog once he or she is properly trained.

Keeping Dachshunds Safe From Harm

Wire haired dachshunds are exceptional escape artists, particularly when they are puppies. For this reason, if the dog owner does not have a strong fence, the dog will probably find or create its own escape route. This is likely because such dogs have a natural instinct to hunt and can be headstrong, even to the point of ignoring their owners’ commands if they catch the scent of something appealing. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the dog is safely secured at all times when not being directly supervised by a human.


This kind of dachshund is susceptible to the same back problems to which the traditional dachshund is prone. These back issues are due to the shape of this breed’s spinal column. For this reason, dog owners must ensure that their dachshunds do not jump from high places. It is also important that they are not mishandled.

For older dogs, even a relatively simple jump from a chair or sofa can injure the dog’s back. Therefore, extreme care must be taken as these dogs grow older. Wire haired dachshunds are also prone to grass allergies and itchy skin. It is best to seek the advice of an animal doctor if an excessive amount of scratching and itching are noticed by the dog owner.

In general, the wire haired dachshund enjoys better health than full breed dachshunds, as multi-breeds usually experience better health overall. However, medical problems run in families for dogs just as they do for humans, and therefore the health of both sides of its lineage also plays a role in each specific dog’s general wellness. Ultimately, anyone who chooses this type of dog for a family pet is sure to enjoy many years of fun and companionship.

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