Healthy Long Hair Dachshunds

Amber & Delilah.jpg
Amber & Delilah.jpg
Fort Worth, TX, USA
201 East 3rd Street Fort Worth Texas 76102 US

We are science-based breeders with focus on health first. All breeding pairs genetically tested for health with verified laboratory reports available. You will know your puppy’s genetic health, color and pattern based on molecular findings. This means you won’t spend a fortune on veterinary bills and allows for a lifetime health guarantee. Second to health comes comparative measurement against proper skeletal/muscular structure, Dachshund standard colors, and temperament. Here at our facility, all puppies begin their lives using the Super Dog training method, early neurological stimulation, puppy culture techniques, and proper socialization. This means you will experience easy transition to your lifestyle whether that be with toddlers or show ring handlers. Our puppies adapt readily to every situation. Pets are equally affectionate, calm and compliant whether male or female. You can be confident in a long life of fulfillment with an American Dachshund.

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My goal is to be a responsible breeder, raising the best quality Dachshund Puppies I can, plannin...
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